Do Carousell Coins expire? 


Carousell Coins that are purchased will expire 12 months after they are added to your balance.

During special promotions or campaigns, Carousell Coins may be allocated to your account at no costs to you. Such free Carousell Coins will generally expire 30 days after they are added, unless otherwise stated in the relevant terms and conditions.

In other words, each bucket of Carousell Coins added to your balance will have its own expiry date. To ensure that you get the most out of your Carousell Coins, the Carousell Coins with the earliest expiry will always be spent first.

Here’s an example to illustrate

For illustrative purposes, let’s assume:

  1. You purchased 698 Carousell Coins on 9 October 2017. These 698 Carousell Coins will expire 12 months later, at the end of day of 9 October 2018, and
  2. 200 Free Carousell Coins are added to your account on 10 October 2017. These Free Carousell Coins will expire 30 days later, at the end of day of 9 November 2017.

If you spend 698 Carousell Coins on a 3-Day Bump on 11 October 2017, we will spend your 200 Free Carousell Coins first, then spend another 498 of your 698 purchased Carousell Coins.

You can check your Carousell Coins’ expiry dates by looking at your Carousell Coins page.

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