How do listing fees and free listing quota work?

Carousellers listing an item for sale in Cars and Property categories are entitled to free listing quota(s). When this quota is exceeded, a listing fee is required before your item is listed on the Carousell marketplace.

However, due to their business/professional nature, there are no free listing quotas for the Jobs, Services-related and Learning & Enrichment categories.

By doing so, we aim to encourage quality listings and reduce listing spam in the marketplace, making it easier for buyers to find what they want. Now that buyers can find the item they want faster, sellers benefit too!

Does this mean I have to pay to list?

Every user will be able to list five Cars and one Property listing for free.

Due to the business/professional nature of the Jobs, Services-related and Learning & Enrichment categories, all listings will require a listing fee.

You will still able to list your items for free in the other categories!

How do I pay for listing fees?

By using Carousell Coins!

How many free listing quotas do I have?

We’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to list:

  • For the Singapore, five Car listings for free, every 30 days
    • For the Philippines, one Car listings for free, every 30 days
  • One Property listings for free, every 30 days

Please note that deleting the Car/Property listing in your profile does not reset the free listing quota.

There are no free listing quotas for Jobs, Services-related and Learning & Enrichment categories due to their business/ professional nature.

Listing in all other categories remains free!

Why is my listing marked as “Draft”?

Listings are marked as “Draft” when you exceed your free listing quota for that category. "Draft" listings are not visible in the marketplace, and require some Coins before they can be listed.

Why is my listing marked as “Expired”?

Listings in the Jobs, Services-related or Learning & Enrichment categories expire after 30 days.

Listings in the Property category expire after 120 days. (applicable to Singapore marketplace only)

Listings in the Cars category expire after 180 days. (applicable to Singapore marketplace only)

"Expired" listings are not visible in the marketplace. You may renew your "Expired" listings using Coins.

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