New Smart Listings will help consumers find your Property, Cars, Jobs or Services faster

Most consumers looking for property, cars, jobs and services will already have a fair idea of what they’re looking for. We've revamped the way our listings work so consumers can find sellers even faster. 

Our new Smart Listings is a feature designed to help sellers share the right details that will attract the right consumer to their listings.

What are Smart Listings?



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Right now, all of our listings across all categories are created using the same fields, with most of the key information contained in a generic “Description” field.

The new Smart Listings have unique fields built for our Property, Cars, Jobs and Services categories. Not only does this keep all the information organised and more easily searchable, but it also prompts you to put in the information that we know consumers in this category are looking for.    

How will Smart Listings help consumers find you faster?

  • They increase traffic to Property, Cars, Jobs and Services categories – the ease of searching will encourage even more consumers to use Carousell in these categories
  • They accelerate the deal process – consumers can now easily identify listings relevant to their criteria, and zoom in on the right ones more quickly 
  • They attract higher quality leads – more detailed and informative listings will mean less time answering the same questions, and more chats from consumers ready to deal


  1. Will sellers have to re-update all their listings for it to show information in the new sections as part of the enhanced listing feature?

  2. Will consumers be able to search for items using these new fields?
    Yes! Coming soon.

  3. Are these enhancements only specific to the Cars, Property, Jobs and Services categories?
    The Cars, Property, Jobs and Services categories will experience the enhancements first. Eventually, to serve all Carousellers better, this will be implemented across all categories.

  4. What happens if sellers choose not to update my listings?
    Listings that aren’t updated will remain in the marketplace, but without new information. They will be more difficult for buyers to find, and sellers may lose out on quality chats.
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