As a Buyer


  • Do your due diligence - Do your research and homework, read an item's description, ask questions and request for photos to ensure an item you are getting is as you have expected.

    If you come across an item which you think should not be sold on Carousell, do not hesitate to report it to us so that it can be reviewed and removed if needed.

  • Read user reviews - You can read through detailed reviews that a seller received by going to their profile. This is where other community members, including buyers like yourself, share their experiences dealing with the user.
  • Learn about a seller's policies - Every deal on Carousell is considered an agreement between you and the seller. If any sellers have individual policies, such as whether they accept negotiations, refunds or exchanges, be sure to clue yourself in on them before you commit to a deal.

  • Secure an agreement by making an offer - This, along with the seller's acceptance of the offer, is Carousell's way of a firm handshake to show both parties are committed to the deal. This is because both parties would be able to exchange reviews thereafter.

    The right time to make to do this would be when all aspects of the transaction have been negotiated and agreed on, such as price and delivery method, day & time etc. 

  • Use the review system – Leaving reviews for one another is one of the best ways we can help each other; praise Carousellers that have been good to you, let them know if things can be improved next time. The more we know about our community (and ourselves), the better it is for everyone!
  • Opt for meet-ups so you can check your item - A perk of opting for meet-ups is so that you would be able to check and ensure that it is as you have expected, such as condition and size, before paying the seller. It's also a fun way to meet new people with similar interests and hobbies!

  • Request for tracked parcels - Tracked deliveries provides you assurance about your parcel's location. They are also mostly insured by the delivery company in the rare event that it goes missing, so don't take chances especially if you're purchasing high valued items! 
  • Be extra careful when purchasing event tickets and vouchers - When purchasing resale tickets or vouchers, be sure of its terms and condition which is usually printed on the overleaf. Certain tickets and vouchers may not be eligible for resale and could be rejected by the vendor upon the attempt to use or entry.

    As such, it is also highly recommended to opt for meet-ups so you can ensure their validity.

  • Report an issue –  If you have encountered an issue with a purchase or swap that you made, contact our team immediately so that we can help you out.

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