I’m not receiving Push Notifications (Android)

Before attempting to troubleshoot this issue, check if your push notifications have been set correctly.

Once that is done and you're still not receiving Push Notifications:

Check your Phone's Data Usage settings

  1. Open device Settings
  2. Go to Data usage
  3. Open Carousell data usage
  4. Check that restrict background data option is unchecked
  5. Repeat the above steps for Google Services
  6. Also, ensure restrict background data is unchecked in Data usage > Menu Button.

Check your Phone's Power Saving Mode

By turning on Power Saving Mode, your phone will restrict all background data which may affect the notifications you receive. 

Owning multiple Carousell accounts may also interfere with the Push Notifications you receive on your phone

To refresh the Push Notification token for the account you'd like to receive notifications for:

  1. Log out of your current session
  2. Force-quit the app through applications manager
  3. Relaunch app
  4. Login to the account

Xiaomi Devices

Step 1: Carousell needs permission to autostart to reliable notifications

  1. Go to App drawer → Security
  2. Select Permissions and then Autostart
  3. Enable autostart for the Carousell app

Step 2: Ignore battery restrictions for Carousell to show you notifications timely

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select “Manage Apps’ Battery Usage”
  3. Tap on Carousell, then select No Restrictions

Step 3: Allow Carousell notifications to show

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Select App Notifications
  3. Tap on Carousell, and select Set as priority


The following steps are for Huawei P20 & P30, and might have slightly different names for other Huawei devices.

Allow Background mode to receive notifications reliably:

  1. Go to Settings → Apps → Carousell
  2. Select Power usage, followed by App launch
  3. Ensure that Manage automatically is Off
  4. Ensure that Auto-launch, Secondary launch, and Run in Background are all set to On


Step 1: List Carousell as a protected app to receive notifications

  1. Go to Settings → Advanced Settings → Battery Manager → Protected Apps
  2. Enable protection for the Carousell app

Step 2: Ignore battery optimization for Carousell to receive notifications reliably

  1. Go to Settings → Battery → Energy Saver
  2. Disable Freeze when in Background, Abnormal Apps Optimization and Doze for the Carousell app

Step 3: Allow notifications from Carousell

  1. Go to Settings → Notification Panel & Status Bar → Notification Center
  2. Activate allow notifications and priority display for Carousell app

Step 4: Add Carousell to start up manager

  1. Open the Security app → Privacy Permissions → Start up manager
  2. Enable startup for Carousell
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