What are Carousell Groups?

Carousell Groups is a channel for Carousellers to buy and sell with friends, people of similar interests, and communities that they care about!

Join an interest-based group to buy and sell with members who have similar interests, or a locale-based group to buy and sell with neighbours.

You can also join school groups to buy and sell with fellow schoolmates and deal on-campus!

What are open groups?

Open groups are public and any Carouseller can join. If you find a group that interests you, feel free to join in and browse through listings shared in the group!

What are closed groups?

Closed groups are public and shown to all Carousellers, but acceptance into the group requires admin approval.As we leave it up to our handpicked Groups admins and moderators in managing their groups, approval into the group may take time, depending on the group admin's schedule.Admin and moderators are not obliged to provide an explanation as to why a request has been declined.
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