How do I sign up for a Carousell account on the Carousell App

Upon launching the Carousell app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up or login with Facebook, an email address or Google+ (for Android users only only).

Email sign up

To create a Carousell account using your email address, perform the following steps:

  1. Select “Sign up or Log in with Email”
  2. Enter your choice of username, password, email address, and city
  3. Select a Profile Picture
  4. Select "Done/Sign up" and you're ready!

Your Carousell account will be created immediately and you’ll be logged in to your new brand new Carousell account!

Facebook sign up

To create a Carousell account using Facebook, you’ll need to have a verified Facebook account. Perform the following steps on your Carousell homescreen:

  1. Select “Sign up or Login with Facebook”
  2. Next, you'll be able to choose to sign up using details from your Facebook app (if you have it installed), or by manually entering your Facebook credentials. To be sure, we recommend selecting “Log in with Phone Number or Email Address” to accurately sign up with the intended Facebook account
  3. Then, select “Log in” and depending on the username availability, you may be redirected to a page for you to change your Carousell username

That's it! For future logins, simply click on the "Sign up or Login with Facebook" option and you'll be directed to your Carousell account under 2 clicks!

Google mail sign up (for Android users only)

If you have an existing Google Mail account or want to sign up for one, select the Google option on the app home screen. When prompted, just sign in to your existing Google+ account or create a new one!

Thereafter, you should have also received a verification email from us to verify your account. You’ll be required to verify your Carousell account in order to sell on the marketplace.



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